Too Much GOOD Food is BAD.


We live in a society where bigger is always better. Big Macs, Jumbo Packs, and all-you-can-eat buffets are going to be the death of us. And yet, amidst the health craze of the 21st century, we often fail to realize that sometimes healthy food can be just as dangerous as junk food. It tastes good. It is good. So what’s wrong with eating lots and lots and lots of it? Quite a few things, actually.

Too much healthy food can tempt you to:

1. Eat Too Much
-If it’s healthy, you may find yourself making exceptions to eat too much. And when this becomes the norm, you may not even realize it’s hurting you.
-This explains why so many people are tired after meals. They think it’s evidence of a good meal doing it’s work. They never even think to question whether they are abusing their bodies by eating too much of a good thing.
-Food is supposed to be fuel, and after a meal, you should feel reenergized, not exhausted.
-It doesn’t help that many fast food chains and other restaurants serve much larger portions than the recommended size, further normalizing the concept of jumbo portion sizes.

2. Eat Too Fast
-If you have entire bucket of chicken to get through, chances are you going to plough through it with more vigour than if you only had a regular plate-size. This causes you to eat more and enjoy it less. The mission becomes to “finish it all”, because heaven forbid we be wasteful and not clean every single morsel on our plates. But what about our poor stomachs?
-When you eat fast, your stomach doesn’t have enough time to signal to your brain that you’re full. The faster you eat, the easier it is to overeat, and the more damage you can do.

3. Eat Too Often
-It may be obviously unwise to eat a big bowl of ice cream in the middle of the afternoon when you’re bored and home alone. But eating a generous fruit salad, and then three whole-wheat crackers with avocado dip, followed by Greek yogurt with a sliced up banana an hour before dinner—there is nothing unhealthy about that. But that doesn’t make it the best choice.
-Remember, being free from food addiction doesn’t just account for the cheesecakes and apple pies of the world. Something like almonds can be just as dangerous.
-There is a time and a place for healthy food, just as there is a time and a place for treats. The pure fact that something is healthy doesn’t mean it should be consumed 24/7.

It’s all about balance. Walking the fine line between too much and two little is a skill that can take months, or even years to learn. But deeper than that, it’s not about the food. It’s about knowing how to know when you have had enough, when you’re hungry versus when you’re actually tired and unconsciously trying to keep yourself awake. It’s about knowing how to not abuse your stomach, even when you’re doing it unintentionally because you just want to be polite and finish your dinner.
Healthy food is an asset. So use it to your advantage.


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