Phase I – The Battle Plan

battle plan

Welcome to the Feel-Good System! I hope you’re geared up and ready for war, because this fight is going down. We all have a battle going on inside us, and this system is designed firstly to help you see what’s going on, then secondly to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to secure the victory.

Phase I: The Battle Plan
Everyone needs a plan of attack in order to keep them motivated, confident, and enabled to power towards permanent, long-term goals.
This Phase has four parts: 1) What You Want to Achieve? 2) What Are You Doing Right Now that You Hate?, 3) Why It’s Not Working, 4) What you Need to Do to Succeed.
-This post will cover parts 1) and 2), which includes focus on determining your goals and your obstacles.

Part 1) What do You Want to Achieve?

Record Your Mission Statement:
-Get a piece of paper and write down your goals. This will be your Mission Statement, your objective that will keep you on the path when you lose sight of the prize. Post it up on your wall, or keep it on your phone so you can read it and re-read it.
-Write in detail. Sure, you want to lose “x” number of pounds. But go deeper than that. How do you want to feel on the inside? What does becoming fit and attaining your goals mean on a day-to-day basis?
-Write down the feelings, habits, and mindsets that surround your Mission Statement. What good feelings about yourself and food do you want to cultivate? What positive habits do you want to create? What healthy mindsets will benefit you?
-Do you want to feel more energetic? Proud of yourself? Free from ever-alluring call of those mid-morning donuts? Content, instead of sleepy or guilty after a meal? Able to enjoy your friends’ company more than being fixated by the food at the buffet table?
-Get passionate about it. Allow yourself to imagine, to dream about all the things you want but never thought were possible. And then write them down on that piece of paper—and you’re already one step closer.

Do you Want It Enough?
-Because at the end of the day, you are the soldier, and you’re the one who makes the progress. You can read all the health and fitness books in the world, but if you don’t push forwards and go the distance, nothing is going to happen. You are the one in control, and you decide what you want. And you have to want it enough—enough to change part of yourself.
-Many people don’t realize how resistant they are to change, how comfortable they are in their present state. But no one who loves their chains can be free. You must want your freedom, really strive for your goals, instead of just thinking about it. You have to be willing to change the way you talk to yourself, the way you think about yourself, and the way you act.

Part 2) What are You Doing Right Now that You Hate?

Recognize The Enemy
-On a second piece of paper, write about the enemy, the force you are pitted against, the thing you must defeat in order to carry out your Mission Statement. Write all the things you are presently doing that you hate.
-Not dislike, not disapprove of, hate. It’s time to get personal and drag out all those sneaky habits and hidden behaviours that have become so engrained and familiar that you might think they’re okay. You might even think you like them. Gorging on snacks late at night when no one’s around, indulging in that lunch-and-learn at work, even though your stomach’s aching, sneaking a few scoops of Nutella before dinner—these are the little things that make life great, right? Wrong.
-These are the things that enslave you, the things that entice you with their sweetness, only to leave you writhing in endless cravings, discontent, guilt, frustration, self-loathing, hopelessness, fear, pain. These are the things that are hindering you from completing your Mission Statement and winning this war. These things are the enemy. And you must realize that if you want to overcome it.

Do You Hate It Enough?
-Again, try to write in detail. Write about the feelings and habits that make you frustrated and negative about yourself.
-Be honest. You don’t have to share this with the world, just you. What hurts you the most? What enslaves you? What are the things you keep doing that you hate?
-Do you hate the constant cravings that your life seems to revolve around? The feelings of anger and depravation, followed immediately by guilt and shame and frustration as soon as you give in? Do you hate that full feeling that makes you feel sluggish and hopeless? The negative voice in your head that calls you names and tells you you will never break free? The fact that you know what you’re doing is hurting you, and yet you still can’t seem to stop?
-Write them down, every last one. Read them, and hate them. See them for what they are. They are the enemy, and it is time for them to die. Now stick that page up on your bedroom wall or save it in your phone right next to your Mission Statement. These two realities cannot exist at the same time. One must win out over the other.
-This, my friend, is why you need to fight.

This Battle Plan you’re creating right now is invaluable. It will urge you on when you feel like giving in. It will remind you of what you want, what you’re fighting for, and why it’s worth fighting for. It will keep that freedom and that victory at the forefront of your mind so that you will be able to strive towards something greater than the short-lived, guilt-laced pleasure of the lies that tempt you. They are the enemy, worthy of your hate, your detestation, and your noncompliance.

And this is just the beginning. Welcome to the war.


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