Introducing Phase II: Assert & Attack

Congratulations! You have successfully completed Phase I: The Battle Plan of the Feel-Good System. We’ve been dealing with some tough emotional and psychological topics centring on Root Needs—the On-Going or Immediate reasons and issues behind food motivations, and the process has been messy, gritty, and even downright painful. But you did what you had to do, and now you get to reap the rewards.

It’s time to transform these raw, throbbing realizations you’ve dredged from the depths of your psyche into the ultimate weapons—tightly chiselled strategies to put into action for Phase II: Assert & Attack. This is the hands-on phase of this war, the practical, day-to-day, battles that you are now ready to engage in. With the psychological self-analyzing behind us, it’s finally time to fight.

Phase II: Assert & Attack
-Each post in this phase will be in one of two categories and will focus on on strategies to 1) Assert, or 2) Attack.

These posts deal with inner situations: how keep fighting when you just don’t care about following rules anymore, when you feel deprived, when you know what you should be doing but you still lack motivation to do it. These strategies can be applied to any circumstance or situation. They will provide practical tools and insight on how to encourage and motivate yourself, how to maintain a healthy, positive mindset no matter what lustrous treats or tempting scenarios you face. These posts will help you fight for what you want from the inside out.

These posts will deal with outer situations: how to keep fighting when you’re at your friend’s party and the snack table is screaming at you like a metal band, when you’re bored and tired and can’t keep your mind out of the fridge, when you’re on vacation and the piles of intoxicating food just never go away. It will give you some practical methods you can use to keep yourself focused on the victory instead of distracted by the temptations at bay, how to manoeuvre social events and circumstances, all while keeping the right attitude and feeling great about yourself and your food choices. These posts will help you to use the proper mindsets and attitudes to battle through any circumstance.

All that hard work you did in Phase I is essential for Phase II. Armed with the knowledge of your Root Needs, your personal mindset about food, your history and things you have gone through, you will have an extra edge now that the real fight has begun. Everything connects back to Root Needs, and with this extra depth, you will be able to assert & attack and fight like never before.


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