The War Against Food Cravings: Help Yourself


Do you ever feel like the fight’s gone out of you and you’re giving in to cravings routinely, often without even a second thought? A feeling of hopelessness evades the air, and though you’re frustrated with yourself for surrendering so easily, you can’t seem to stop, and you don’t really want to. When you want something, you eat it—it’s that simple. It’s not ideal, but it’s reality.
But it doesn’t have to be.

Let me just say this. If you don’t help yourself, no one else can. It’s time for some tough love. This is a war, you have to realize that. War is never easy. The enemy is not going to roll over and die just to make it easier for you. You have to pay for every inch of ground with blood, sweat, and tears. What does this mean? It means you’re going to struggle. It’s going to be hard. And that’s okay, and it’s normal. If anything, it should fuel your fire and let you know you’re going in the right direction, because the hotter the battle, the closer you are to winning it. But first you have to fight. You’re the only one in the entire world who can fight for you. So stand up and give it all you’ve got.

Three Tough-Love Tips to get You Back in the Battle:

1. Don’t Go Looking For Trouble
-Don’t hunt down trouble (AKA snacks, desserts, temptations). Cause you know what? You’re going to find it. And then you’re going to regret it, real bad.
-Think of it in war terms. No sane army commander is going to send his troops on a suicide mission for no reason or because he’s bored. He would never endanger the lives of his soldiers unless he was 100% the the risk was worth the gain, so why would you?
-So stop finding reasons to saunter over to the dessert table. Resist the urge to raid the storage closet when you’re home alone. It’s not worth it, and you know it. You can’t put your hand in a fire, then be surprised when you get burned.
-When you’re tempted to give in to easy temptation, scream the command: FIGHT! in your head, and walk away instead.

2. Don’t Turn Off Your Brain
-It’s easy to get lost in the moment, to disassociate the way you’re killing that entire bag of chips with the guilt and pain that will inevitably follow.
-Just because you decide not to think about how your present actions are shaping your immediate future, that doesn’t lesson their effects. You must take responsibility for your actions. Remember: There are always consequences. Don’t give yourself a free pass to do something you’re going to regret.
-You have all the power, the power to help yourself or hurt yourself through what you do in this moment. Ignoring this choice and eating mindlessly is a choice in itself, a choice to give in. Are you going to eat faster and finish those chips—and hate yourself for it after—or are you going to take a step in the right direction and throw the bag away? It’s your choice.

3. Don’t Cheat Yourself
-You may think that you’re cheating yourself out of a good time by “being good”, by only eating healthy, stopping at the First Gate, and all that stuff you begrudgingly force yourself to do. But you’ve got it all backwards.
-You’re cheating yourself by binging on food and treats you deserve to enjoy. You’re cheating yourself by surrendering the First Gate to your cravings and giving in to physical discomfort and lingering regret instead of being proud of and confident in yourself.
-So don’t believe the lies. Don’t cheat yourself by giving up. Fight for what you believe in. Fight with everything you’ve got. Because THAT’S what war is. And you can win. You just have to want to. You have to help yourself.

War is messy. It requires courage and sacrifice, and sometimes we need to be reminded what we’re fighting for. It’s so easy to get lost in the tastes and the smells around us, to be tempted by what we see and what we want. But remember what you’re fighting for: yourself. You’re fighting for better you, a stronger, and a happier you. You’re fighting for peace and contentment, for self-love and appreciation. For the opportunity to feel positive about yourself and your body, to establish constructive, life-long habits that will beautify your future and encourage your heart. You’re fighting for freedom from the regret, the bloating, the guilt and the pain, the physical discomfort, and the undesirable effects on your body. You’re fighting to be the joyful, liberated person you were meant to be.

So fight, and don’t give up. Love yourself. Help yourself, as only you can.


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