How to Feel AMAZING after Thanksgiving Dinner

Cooked turkey

So it’s Thanksgiving. Everyone’s sitting down for an impressively massive family dinner, and there you are, wondering how in the world you’re going to make it through the next two hours without engorging yourself to a delightful yet sickening extent. When there’s so much amazing food in front of you, how can’t you stuff your face? That’s kind of the point of Thanksgiving, isn’t it?

It doesn’t have to be. Here’s two strategies to turn the tide:

Be Thankful.

a) Are You Thankful For this Food as You Eat It?
-Are you look at it, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it? Are you breathing and slowing down enough to actually sit and enjoy your food for twenty minutes? (props if you can make it half an hour, or even forty-five minutes!)
-Are you appreciating this delectable meal for all it’s worth? Are you allowing your body to relax and take in the sensations, to really live it instead of gobbling it without even tasting it?
-Try to really slow down and appreciate this lovely meal. Put down your fork and knife between mouthfuls. Really chew your food. Focus on your breathing. Realize how you can taste and smell and relax so much better when you breathe. Sit up straight. Let your body enjoy the awesome, and make it last.

b) Will You Be Thankful After you Eat It?
-Sure right now your tongue is screaming for more, and all you can think about is Aunt Margaret’s turkey stuffing and Grandma’s pumpkin pie, but will your stomach thank you later? You may think you’re “treating” yourself, but will your stomach really benefit from your choices, or are you giving in to the manipulative mantra of your tongue?
-Make choices that you feel good rather than guilty about. Don’t shovel food into your mouth before your stomach can complain. Instead, treat yourself with love and respect, doing what will make you feel as good as possible. Eat now in a way that you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Be Sexy.
-One thing is for sure—it is nearly impossible to feel sexy while you’re sprawled on the couch in your stretchy pants, bloated to an enormous degree, praying you’ll never have to move again. Thanksgiving or not, this is not enjoyable for anyone.
-Contrast that to feeling sexy: powerful, confident, completely amazing. Which would you rather feel after eating?
-If you’re trying to avoid over-eating at Thanksgiving, or any other time of the year, don’t focus on what you should avoid. Instead, focus on what you want to attain. Think about that awesome sense of empowerment and freedom. Think about loving yourself and being proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Think of the contentment and confidence, and then use that as motivation.
-It’s difficult to feel beautiful when you feel bloated. It’s difficult to feel confident when you don’t feel beautiful. And if you can’t feel confident, you can’t be free. So let yourself feel beautiful and confident and free—because you are. Let that be your ammunition to defend the First Gate.
-Think about your body, about finishing this meal and feeling like you could get up and dance. Think about how sexy you want to feel, how sexy you can feel. And then go for it.

Holidays can be challenging with all the stress, the family, and the food. But don’t lose your sense of self in the busy-ness, don’t lose touch with that incredible, unique person who is unmistakably you. Don’t let food be swallowed untasted. Don’t eat on automatic, stripped of all joy and thanksgiving. Instead, make this a time to celebrate you. Relax, step back and re-connect with yourself, how you feel, what it means to slow down and enjoy. And when you’re full, value your sense of comfort enough to stop, to respect and love yourself.

This Thanksgiving, don’t put on your stretchy pants. Put on your sexy pants instead.


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