How to Unleash Your Inner Health Guru


Did you know that everyone has a built-in Health Guru? Despite the conflicting information we’re constantly pummelled with from the media and the internet, we have all the necessary knowledge right inside of us. Each of us intuitively knows what is best for us, what we should eat, when we should eat, and how much. But often, due to our crazy, stressed-out lifestyles, this inner voice of wisdom is overrun and ignored. Thankfully, that’s not the end of the story. This intuition still exists, and it’s exactly what you need in order to feel healthy and happy about your attitude towards both food and life. What is it? Your Inner Health Guru’s name is “The Gut”.

The Gut
“The Gut” is the part of your body that supervises your enteric nervous system, which is responsible for digestion and metabolism and is often called “the second brain”. We all know about “gut feelings”, and “trusting your gut”. This is very literal. The gut is a highly complex system containing hundreds of millions of neurones which connect the brain to the enteric nervous system, and it is the source of your built-in health intuition. Your gut knows what you need. You just need to learn to listen to it.

The Tongue
In any given scenario, you will have two choices: listen to your gut, or listen to your tongue. The results will be your success or your demise. While the gut is your inner voice of wisdom, the tongue is your self-destructive, chronically deceptive and unsatisfied enemy. The gut is like a loving relationship, while the tongue is like a one-night-stand. Though it is a selfish and dangerous entity, your tongue is smooth and experienced, and if you’re not careful, it will seduce you into its bed of lies, only to leave you full of regret right after.

This little poem is excellent to explain the difference between your gut and your tongue.

The Gut Vs The Tongue
Your gut is quiet; your tongue is loud
Your gut says “wait”; your tongue says “now”
Your gut says: “Stop I’m no longer hungry”
Your tongue says: “Go! This food’s too yummy”
Your gut wants to save you from pain and regret
Your tongue wants to gorge, leaving you bloated at best
Your gut thinks ahead with the big picture in mind
Your tongue can’t think past this oversized apple pie
Your gut is your treasure, your teacher, your guide
Your tongue is the devil, full of sweet, tempting lies
So next time you’re eating, and you don’t want to stop
Remember, your gut loves you. Your tongue—it does not.

Your Inner Health Guru doesn’t have to rhyme like this one, but everyone possesses “The Gut”, and if we could all learn to listen to it and respect it, we would be much happier, healthier people.

This week, try and tune in to your gut. Lower the dial on your tongue and listen to the quieter, calmer voice, the one that is often coaxing you to put down your knife and fork, even though your tongue wants you to go back for more. Your gut is the strength in your mind that urges you not to snack on those potato chips before dinner. It’s your guiding light when you feel dazed by food cravings and conflicting information. Befriend your gut, your Inner Health Guru. Let it empower you. And let it lead you where you want to go.


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